Limbs & Things at the BSA 2017 conference

Limbs & Things

Limbs & Things will be at the British Society of Audiology annual conference June 29th – 30th in Harrogate.

Working in close collaboration with leading clinicians from around the world, Limbs & Things produce a range of products that enable healthcare professionals to learn new skills, improve existing technique and become more confi dent and competent in their clinical and surgical practice.

Combining medical experience, design expertise and innovation to create models that are renowned for being anatomically accurate and procedurally correct, Limbs & Things will have several products on display at the BSA.

The OtoSim 2 Otoscopy training and simulation unit can be used for students and professionals to practise and improve their knowledge of ear pathologies and otoscope technique. The Ear examination simulator ll is a life-size model of the ear including external acoustic meatus and tympanic membrane for training in examining the ear with an otoscope and foreign body removal. The simulator has two modes of use – instructor mode and self-learning mode.

Visit the team at the BSA conference, or check online: