MAICO launches easyScreen

MAICO's new ABR+OAE newborn hearing screener

MAICO Diagnostics introduces easyScreen – the name says it all.

With easyScreen we unite ABR and OAE screening capabilities in one device for the first time in MAICO history. easyScreen is designed to lighten your daily workload in all ways possible: it fits right into your pocket, is lightweight and will get you accurate results within seconds. The resistive 4.3" touchscreen works with medical gloves and allows you to start a test with only 3 clicks.

Newborn hearing screening has never been so easy

Perfect for the use in hospitals, birth clinics or screening centers, easyScreen is fast, easy to handle and comes with an on-screen guidance. Even first-time users will achieve the most accurate results with the help of easyScreen. The device reminds you of all important steps before testing and will inform you if anything is interfering with a correct test result.

Powerful ABR for accurate results

easyScreen makes use of our unique CE-Chirp® stimulus and a powerful detection algorithm. Together, they achieve accurate pass and refer results within seconds. The patented CE-Chirp® stimulates all regions of the cochlea at the same time and thus generates a much larger response – for faster results than a standard click.

Intuitive software for easy data management

A device built for easy handling does not stop at its software: easyScreen comes with the dedictaed HearSIM™ software that is just as intuitive as easyScreen. Store, view and manage patient and screening data with HearSim™ and experience how a well-developed software will make you save even more time in your daily workflow.

For further information, visit the MAICO's website.