MED-EL launches Adhear in the Middle East


Adhear by MED-EL
New non-surgical bone conduction solution by MED-EL © MED-EL

MED-EL recently held a press conference in Dubai, UAE to announce the Middle East launch of its adhesive adaptor/audio processor hearing solution, Adhear.

At the launch of the company’s next generation bone conduction hearing solution, CEO of MED-EL, Dr Ingeborg Hochmair said: “MED-EL has always been at the forefront of innovative hearing loss technology and Adhear adds to our growing range of high-quality hearing loss solutions. It opens up a whole new world of sound to people with conductive hearing loss, enabling us to help more people to overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication”, according to Gulf Today.

The Adhear system is intended as a non-surgical bone conduction solution. It is suitable for patients with conductive hearing loss who are not eligible for bone conduction implant surgery, or who do not wish to undergo surgery. Through an advanced adhesive adaptor worn behind the ear and an audio processor, the system picks up sound waves, converts them into vibrations, and transmits them to the bone. Like in bone-anchored systems, the bone then transfers the vibrations to the inner ear for processing as normal sound.

Concerning the launch of Adhear in the Middle East, David Raetz, CEO and Regional Director at MED-EL said: “We are very excited to launch Adhear in the Middle East; this innovative product is essentially a great solution for children with conductive hearing loss, who are unable to benefit from hearing aids, and have to wait until they are 5 years old to receive a bone conduction implant, and with Adhear we are happy they would no longer be losing valuable hearing time.”

Source: Gulf Today