Otometrics delivers industry-first fitting functionality for easier verification


Otometrics has announced on March 31 the release of a new feature that enables automated fitting to target in a coupler with Aurical® and Phonak Target.

The new functionality builds on the tight integration already in Aurical that enables automatic verification from within ReSound Aventa® using AutoRem and Phonak Target™ using TargetMatch.

“We are taking Aurical’s tight integration with hearing aid fitting software a step further with automatic verification in a coupler,” says Peter Kossek, Senior Product Manager at Otometrics. “These new capabilities provide value to everyone involved in the patient journey and move Aurical even closer to becoming the industry standard within automatic verification. As Aurical takes the lead in fitting software integration, we are ready to work with other hearing aid manufacturers to help more clinicians perform verification for their clients.

A complete, modular fitting solution, Aurical encompasses audiometry, PMM, HIT, and video otoscopy and a HI programming interface in one system. Audiologists can use the modules independently or combine them as needed. There is an Aurical for everyone. This latest release demonstrates once again how Aurical continues to innovate – enabling hearing care professionals to realize greater efficiency gains while boosting the quality of counseling and care.

For more information, visit the Otometrics website.