Interacoustics introduces the EyeSeeCam vHIT 1.2 software upgrade

Interacoustics EyeSeeCam

Interacoustics has announced the release of new software for EyeSeeCam vHIT.

For the new release, Interacoustics has worked closely together with Professor Erich Schneider, EyeSeeTech in Munich to implement several new features into the software to increase its functionality and improve its performance. Among the most impressive new features are a more robust gain calculation method for the video head impulse test and an improved nystagmus algorithm which clearly identifies slow phases of the nystagmus. The integrated goggle mounted laser has been modified to allow for suppression impulses to be analysed and several user friendly options have been added that allow the clinician to adjust impulse counts, velocity limits and the inclusion of artefact rejection.

The benefits to the user are many and include added flexibility with new test parameters, reduced test time and additional gain calculations to handle artefact when present.

EyeSeeCam continues to lead the industry in quick and accurate head impulse technology with a lightweight goggle, mounted laser, extraordinary tracking algorithm and gold standard gain calculations all safely stored in the reliable OtoAccess database.

EyeSeeCam vHIT, combined with the Eclipse EP25, VO425 VNG and Nydiag 200 Rotary Chair allows for a very comprehensive approach to vestibular assessment.

The EyeSeeCam vHIT 1.2 is launched for sale globally.

For further information, visit the Interacoustics website.