RESONANCE screening product range at EUHA 2016

Resonance hearing assessment

The Italian company has reserved a dedicated area to show its innovative screening product range at EUHA 2016. The range includes: R17A and R07A Audiometers, R16M Middle Ear Analyzer and R15C Combined Audio-Tymp.

At RESONANCE booth (B50) it is possible to test the devices in all the available configurations, simulating ENT doctors’ daily operations. A special focus is dedicated to RE-Cloud, RESONANCE web-based data storage application, available on-demand for all the screening solutions.

The tight relations with distributors, universities and research centres allowed RESONANCE to conceive new solutions for hearing assessments. Feedback received from ENT professionals and doctors enabled RESONANCE R&D team to earn a considerable knowledge even in paediatric solutions: more than 450.000 kids in pre-school age has been tested with RE-Play, RESONANCE Interactive Play Audiometry, a treasury experience of inestimable value.

A wide screening project at that level of complication requires that patient records are stored through wireless, secure and reliable data transmission from the screening location to the central data processing center and made available for second opinion and studies.

RESONANCE developed RE-Cloud, RESONANCE cloud server, precisely for this use, to guarantee also vice-versa communications, information like firmware update, protocol test settings or online support can reach the devices on the field from the centre. RESONANCE welcomes the basis of the telemedicine of the future.

For more information, visit RESONANCE's website or visit booth B50 at the EUHA Congress.