New versions of Interacoustics' Callisto™ & Affinity2.0/Equinox2.0 software suites

Callisto software from Interacoustics
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Interacoustics has announced the release of new versions of software suites for their two fitting systems; the CallistoTM and Affinity2.0, as well as for their PC-based audiometer Equinox 2.0.

Interacoustics has worked closely together with leading hearing aid manufacturers to implement the special stimuli /ss/ and /sh/ developed by the University of Western Ontario in Canada. These new stimuli have been added to verify frequency-lowering features found in modern hearing aids.

The added stimuli are also available within the hearing instrument test (HIT) module for the CallistoTM and Affinity2.0.

The new versions of the CallistoTM and Affinity2.0/Equinox2.0 software modules are also Windows® 10 compatible.

Clinicians can still mix and match between Interacoustics’ popular audiometry, visible speech mapping, real-ear measurement and HIT modules for the CallistoTM, Affinity2.0 and Equinox2.0.

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