Interacoustics introduces Micromedical VisualEyes

Interacoustics (DK) and Micromedical (US), two of the world-leading suppliers of balance equipment, have joined forces to release a new Videonystagmography software platform. The Micromedical VisualEyes™ 515/525 combines the best features of the current Micromedical and Interacoustics VNG platforms into a new, touch-enabled design.

The VisualEyes™ 515/525 offers quick and easy observation, measurement and analysis of eye movements. It includes:

  • Situational camera: record patient interviews, capture positional tests

  • Large monitor: view eyes from anywhere in the room, full field stimuli for oculomotor testing

  • Remote start/stop options: keeps you closer to your patient

  • Customizable protocols

  • Overview of all completed tests

  • Superior video playback

With a highly intuitive user interface and remote controlled operating features, VisualEyesTM both simplifies the procedures for the clinician and improves the experience for the patient.

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