Beltone Boost Plus

Beltone announced today the launch of the Beltone Boost Plus super power hearing aid for consumers with severe to profound hearing loss, further expanding Beltone’s family of industry-leading Made for iPhone® hearing products.

The Beltone Boost Plus represents a combination of unparalleled sound quality, comfort, and personal control that reconnects even those with the most severe hearing loss to the people and conversations they might have been missing. It combines advanced features including Personal Sound ID with CrossLink Directionality, Feedback Eraser, Smart Gain Pro, and Sound Shifter to provide a combination of power and clear sound, giving wearers awareness of their surroundings and a fuller, more comfortable listening experience. Users can control their hearing aids directly from their iPhone or Android® phone with the Beltone HearPlus app.

When combined with Beltone’s new family of Direct LineTM wireless accessories, Beltone Boost Plus Made for iPhone hearing aids allow wearers to engage and interact in any hearing situation, from watching television to having a conversation at a distance or talking on the phone. Beltone’s proven 2.4 GHz technology enables wearers to stream sound directly into their hearing aids, offering greater flexibility and choice. The new Beltone myPAL Pro and myPAL Micro Personal Audio Link streams speech directly into the hearing aid, eliminating the challenge of non face-to-face communication for patients.

“Beltone Boost Plus represents the latest step in Beltone’s commitment to delivering care by connecting wearers with everything that matters in life around them,” said Corrine Perritano, President, Beltone North America. “The combination of Beltone Boost Plus and our expanded line of wireless accessories give even more unique and personalized options as part of Beltone’s whole care portfolio to those with severe-to-profound hearing loss.”

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