New B-81 RadioEar Bone Conductor

RadioEar, a full line supplier of audiometric transducers and accessories, has announced the release of their new B-81 RadioEar Bone Conductor.

The B-81 is based on the BEST (balanced electromagnetic separation transducer) technology in order to overcome the limitations of classic bone conductor performance. The BEST technology allows testing at low frequencies of up to 20dB higher than the classic bone conductor, and has already been made available in audiometers from leading manufacturers.

The BEST technology is extremely robust. Durability testing with the new B-81 design includes drop testing onto hard surfaces without performance changes. The B-81 bone conductor is RoHS compliant and compatible with all headbands as well as high-quality cables.

RadioEar has more than 65 years’ experience in the bone transducer industry and their bone conductors have been accepted worldwide as the Industry Standard of audiometric bone conduction testing.