Phonak announces FDA cleared self-replacement option for Lyric

Self-replacing the device can result in up to 50% fewer visits to the clinic

Peter WIX, Published on 07 May 2024

Phonak announces FDA cleared self-replacement option for Lyric

A self-replacement option. This is the novelty announced on May 6 from Sonova for its 100% invisible Phonak Lyric hearing aid.

Clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration means US providers can now offer experienced users the ability to replace their Lyric devices independently, further enhancing accessibility and reducing in-clinic visits.

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© Phonak/Sonova

The Switzerland-based brand underlines certain advantages to self-replacement. These include saving time by making up to 50% fewer clinic visits; the flexibility of a refitting alternative; the confidence of knowing there is a replacement device readily available; and a lure for both non-hearing aid owners and current users who, according to Phonak’s own studies, are more likely to choose Lyric with self-replacement.

Of course, the self-replacement option has the same sound quality, 100% invisibility, and tinnitus-relief features as traditional Lyric. The Lyric subscription model means updates at no additional charge.

Self-replacement is not to everyone’s taste, so Phonak advises talking about it

The brand points out, however that “self-replacement is optional and not suitable for everyone”. Patients interested in incorporating self-replacement into their Lyric hearing experience are encouraged to schedule a consultation with their Lyric provider to discuss candidacy. For more information about the Phonak Lyric Self-Replacement option, or to find a local Lyric provider, please visit the Phonak website.