Slim is the eye-catcher in a flurry of Phonak Paradise product launches



Phonak has today, April 26, announced a package of additions to its Paradise family, making a bold spring statement on the importance in hearing devices of lifestyle and fashion.

Slim is the eye-catcher in a flurry of Phonak Paradise product launches

Stirring the marketplace visually – just look at the picture – is the new Phonak Slim, which the Sonova brand marketeers are stigma-bustingly boasting of as a "hearing device meant to be seen". With features including fitting software New Target 7.3, Health data tracking, new processing algorithm ADP 2.0, AutoSense OS 4.0 (including Speech Enhancer, Dynamic Noise Cancellation, and Motion Sensor Hearing), universal connectivity, and tap control, Slim has the functionality customers have been offered throughout the Paradise line-up.

But its slender look is the daring side of a launch based primarily on the user wanting to show off a hearing device, and at a time when some companies, even Phonak itself with its Virto hearing aids, have opted to make devices look more like earbuds. This attacks hearing aid stigma from another angle, throwing discretion to the wind.

Phonak Slim will be offered in three two-tone colors – Silver/Black, Graphite/Black, and Copper/Black – and comes with its own uniquely designed charging case.

New healthy and waterproof dimensions of Paradise: Audéo Fit and Audéo Life

Also out of this April Phonak party popper comes Audéo Life, the "world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid". This is tested beyond an IP68 rating for fresh, salt, and pool water, and even sweat. In addition, it’s the first Phonak hearing aid designed with a new magnetic hassle-free induction charger called the Phonak Charger Case Go.

© Phonak  Phonak Audéo Life

In line with Phonak thinking that Hearing Fitness is linked to total well-being, Audéo Fit is a hearing aid that pairs with the myPhonak App to give the user knowledge about various health indicators, including heart rate, steps, activity levels, distances walked or run, average time the device has been worn,… and it includes optional goal setting.

© Phonak    Phonak Audéo Fit
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Paradise gained

Back in February of this 2022, Phonak announced its new Virto Paradise line of custom-made hearing aids, which included Virto P Black, a fully-connected in-the-ear (ITE) device that resembles a modern earbud.

Audéo Life will become available to order on April 29, alongside Virto Paradise. Phonak Slim and Audéo Fit will be available this summer.

Source: Phonak