Oticon More embraces BTEs and introduces Zircon


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The Danish manufacturer Oticon has announced that its More hearing aid portfolio is again expanding to include behind-the-ear (BTE) styles, including a rechargeable solution.

Oticon More embraces BTEs and introduces Zircon

And for a range of hearing aids built on this latest platform, users will be able to enjoy hands-free calls on their iPhone and iPad with bi-directional streaming transforming their hearing aids into a wireless headset.


Oticon has reduced the size of the BTE style to introduce two new miniBTE styles without compromising the hearing technologies in Oticon More. These new additions to the Oticon More family are suitable for both ‘hook and mould’ or a ‘thin tube and dome’ and are available with either rechargeable or disposable batteries.


Oticon is introducing the open sound experience into the essential hearing aid category for the first time. The new Oticon Zircon will feature a sound processing system that enables users to handle multiple, dynamic sounds from all directions and 360° speech that, claims Oticon, is clear and balanced even in noisy situations. Oticon Zircon operates on the Polaris platform and features OpenSound Navigator, SpeechGuard, and SuperShield.

© Oticon – A Zircon wearer enjoying a hands-free situation

The new Zircon is available in a range of miniBTE and miniRITE styles with disposable or rechargeable batteries. The new essential hearing aids also offer users extensive connectivity, including support for hands-free communication with iPhone and iPad, and direct streaming from iPhone and Android devices.

“Oticon continues to add features, styles and technology to Oticon More, making it an ever-evolving hearing aid family,” says Thomas Behrens, VP of Audiology and Applied Research, Oticon. “We are always excited about new evidence that shows the effectiveness of supporting the brain with more sound, not less, as is the case with Oticon More.

For more information on Oticon More and Zircon, visit www.oticon.global.

Source: Oticon