Phonak announces new Virto Paradise line of custom-made hearing aids


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The Switzerland-based hearing aid brand, Phonak, has announced that its Paradise technology is now available in a range of intriguing Virto custom-made hearing aids, including Virto P Black, a fully-connected in-the-ear (ITE) device that resembles a modern earbud.

Phonak announces new Virto Paradise line of custom-made hearing aids

Those following the trail of recent Phonak product might remember how the company's January 2020 release of an exciting extension of its popular Marvel line proved ill-starred; its appearance at the Las Vegas CES show in the fresh new year was rapidly followed by coughs that had nothing to do with the product's impact. SARS-CoV-2 stole everyone's and everything's entrance that winter.


Now, Phonak's successful Paradise technology—based around the PRISM sound processing chip—offers another chance for Virto. The aforementioned Virto P Black is included in the new Virto P-312 models, which bring connectivity to numerous devices including smartphones, TVs, laptops, Phonak Roger and more. Enhanced Bluetooth capabilities allow for multiple Bluetooth connections with the ability to easily switch between two paired devices.

In addtion, there is the Virto P-Titanium, the world’s only custom hearing aid made from titanium. The Virto P-10 completes the line-up.

“We’re extremely pleased to now extend the proven benefits of Phonak Paradise to our custom line up of Virto hearing aids,” said Jon Billings, Vice-President Phonak Marketing. “The human ear is a powerful thing. With Virto Paradise, wearers can discover more of the ear’s amazing potential while boosting their confidence and overall well-being like never before.”

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Source: Phonak