Fitting flexibility spotlit in Widex launch of first rechargeable BTE: MOMENT BTE R D


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Widex has announced its first-ever rechargeable behind-the-ear hearing aid, one its makers say professionals can fit with great flexibility through the new Compass GPS 4.3 software. 

Fitting flexibility spotlit in Widex launch of first rechargeable BTE: MOMENT BTE R D

One of the stand-out facets of MOMENT BTE R D is undoubtedly its rechargeable powering, ready for up to 37 hours on a single charge and 24 hours total when used for roughly 8 hours of streaming. The streaming capacity of the new device has also been underlined by the producer:; it offers direct streaming across popular devices such as Apple and Android phones, as well as Widex TV Play and WidexLink devices. It uses the Android Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) standard.


In addition to its wireless capacity, MOMENT BTE R D includes PureSound, LED indicator, and telecoil. The PureSound programming brings ZeroDelay processing, which eliminates delay-based distortion. “Delay impacts many levels of sound perception,” said Dana Helmink, Senior Director of Audiology and Clinical Education at Widex. “With PureSound, we’re finding patients overwhelmingly prefer the naturalness, clarity, and localisation of the sound they experience from Widex MOMENT hearing aids to what they get from other devices.”

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Sound success backed by manufacturer's own research

Recent user satisfaction research by Widex (1) showed that 91% of MOMENT users were happy with the sound quality of their device, and the producer has applied this patented technology to its first rechargeable BTE solution. "Hearing care professionals now have even more options for fitting patients with natural sound and convenient, flexible lifestyle features that enhance the use of their hearing aids,” stressed Helmink.

A multicoloured device

The MOMENT BTE R D is available in a range of colors, similar to other Widex MOMENT hearing aids. But its collourfulness is boosted by a new HCP-programmable LED indicator and, unique to this model, a separate preference control switch to help patients use their hearing aids more easily. HCPs can enable the LED indicator to flash different colors and patterns to communicate status to the wearer, such as on/off, low battery, or a successful Bluetooth connection or accessory pairing. As a result, the hearing aid wearer – or their caregiver – can easily understand the status of the hearing aids through a visual indicator, thus removing the guesswork.

For more information on MOMENT BTE R D, click here.

(1) Balling LW, Townend O, Helmink D. Sound quality for all: The benefits of ultra-fast signal processing in hearing aids. Hearing Review. 2021;28(9):32-35.

Source: Widex