Rayovac Sound Fusion launched to boost hearing aid performance



Leading battery manufacturer RAYOVAC has introduced what it labels its most powerful hearing aid battery to date: Sound Fusion Technology.   

Rayovac Sound Fusion launched to boost hearing aid performance

Based on its own performance tests, the US-owned producer says its new battery tecnology will bring more consistent performance, more battery life, and more hours of wireless streaming.

What is Sound Fusion Technology?

The range is based on a new process using highly conductive fusion, an improvement to the polymer network inside each battery, allowing increased cathode connectivity and giving the active ingredients more space to boost performance. "The new manufacturing process used in Sound Fusion Technology improves anode reaction efficiency, and provides even more universal power and has excellent performance in a wide range of temperatures," Rayovac points out.

Commitment to improvement

RAYOVAC announced the new technology at the International EUHA Congress 2021 in Hanover, Germany this September, also unveiling Sound Fusion at the virtual RAYOVAC LIVE 2021 platform.

© PW AWN         The Rayovac stand at EUHA launched Sound Fusion in September 2021

“We are delighted to launch Sound Fusion Technology, which will allow us to produce our most powerful hearing aid battery yet. It demonstrates our commitment to continually improving and pushing the boundaries of primary battery technology, giving hearing aid wearers an even better experience with our products," said Paula Brinson-Pyke, Director of Marketing at Rayovac.

Source: Rayovac