GN announces an "as and when" hearing aid "earbud": Jabra Enhance Plus


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Jabra Enhance Plus—an "on your own terms" solution that satisfies true wireless demand, lifestyle convention, and medical-grade requirement for mild to moderate loss—has been announced for later 2021 availability by GN Hearing.

GN announces an “as and when” hearing aid “earbud”: Jabra Enhance Plus

Importantly, this combined GN Audio/GN Hearing device takes the form factor of the trendy earbud. It satisfies function and fashion in a stigma-busting desirable design, and is aimed to sparkle in a well-researched buyer space the group defines as an average six-year period from which the user first notices hearing difficulties and eventually takes steps to do something about it.

Only through audiology professionals

But take note: Jabra Enhance Plus and its accompanying app bring what the user will need for a one-time set-up experience and access to convenient and simple controls to adjust for any environment; and this is a medically regulated device, with GN working on approval (from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the product to fall under self-fitting regulations. Yet the group still plans to sell the new hearing aid only through qualified HCPs.

Jabra Enhance Plus will be available first in the US and sold through licensed Hearing Care Professionals, but GN plans to launch towards the end of the year, providing updates in the meantime, with pricing communicated at a later stage.

Technology, comfort, convenience

In GN's own words, Jabra Enhance Plus is a "unique high-tech, all-in-one hearable for the many people who experience mild-to-moderate hearing loss but who are not yet ready for traditional all-day wear hearing aids and would prefer a lifestyle solution to help them hear conversation easier and better in select situations such as at social gatherings, in meetings or while enjoying media."

© GN Hearing           Handy charging case for Jabra Enhance Plus
It comes in a miniaturized true wireless form factor, 50% smaller than the very popular Jabra Elite 75t, already one of the smallest true wireless earbuds in the market. The product is set up for great true wireless calls and music quality. And its makers claim for it all the following benefits and features:

  • small, discreet and stylish design;
  • three different sized EarGels for ultimate comfort and secure fit;
  • four sound processing features implemented into one compact design for hearing clearer sound, including: – Warp Compressor: analyzes sounds similarly to human ear for more natural sound quality – Digital Noise Reduction: provides listening comfort and keeps speech clear in various noise environments – Digital Feedback Suppression: keeps feedback from interfering with quality amplification of sound  – Binaural Beamformer (with directionality): isolates sounds coming in front of you, allowing users to focus on what is important ;
  • 10 hours battery life on a single charge with 30 hours included with charging case;
  • High quality codec for strong streaming sound quality and clearer calls and music ;
  • Jabra Enhance app allowing for a user-friendly, easy and quick setup process;
  • simple controls for daily use and adjusting volume;
  • IP52-rated for water and dust resistance;
  • compatible with select smartphones;
  • available in two colors: dark grey and gold beige.

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"Game changer"

“With Jabra Enhance Plus we want to expand hearing health to even more people who need it,” said Gitte Aabo, CEO of GN Hearing. “Treating hearing loss has a huge positive impact on well-being and quality of life, which contributes to a person's overall health. This innovation will help many more people begin their hearing health journey, by providing a unique product that can give them control of their hearing health, act as true wireless earbuds and still ensure access to professional care and counseling.

“By combining the expertise from both sides of our medical and consumer grade audio businesses, Jabra Enhance Plus will offer a sound solution to those of us who experience hearing challenges in everyday life,” said René Svendsen-Tune, CEO at GN Audio (Jabra). “This is a game changer in giving people control of their hearing as well as delivering a great true wireless audio experience.”

Source: GN Hearing