Oticon More expansion includes new dynamic music programme


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A groundbreaking music programme, new miniRITE style, a new SmartCharger and a new rechargeable CROS transmitter are all all part of August 2021 update to the Oticon More hearing aid.

Oticon More expansion includes new dynamic music programme

The Danish brand, part of the Demant group, has announced its August 2021 expansion to the line of Oticon More, and perhaps the most eye-and-ear-catching of the updates is the MyMusic programme, which uses music-orientated signal processing strategies, such as an optimized compression scheme, and a new balancing of the notes. Oticon claims the application helps capture the complex dynamics of music, boosting the More user's experience.

"The announcement of MyMusic demonstrates our determination to recreate all sound at the highest level. We are bringing music to life and are extremely proud to have overcome this notorious challenge for the benefit of hearing aid users with any level of hearing loss in the Oticon More range," says Oticon's Chief of Audiology, Thomas Behrens.

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More freedom and access

A new travel-friendly SmartCharger is also part of the expansion, enabling users to charge on the go. It features a built-in power bank providing a minimum of three full charges when away from a power source. A full day’s charge is delivered from just 3 hours of charging, and a further 6 hours from a speedy 30minute quick charge.

Oticon is adding a miniRITE T style to suit clients who prefer disposable batteries to join the existing miniRITE R rechargeable style. A new Oticon More compatible rechargeable CROS transmitter is also now available for people with single-sided deafness. Oticon CROS PX miniRITE R features TwinLink dual-streaming technology enabling access to all relevant sounds via NFMI, while simultaneously streaming from Bluetooth compatible iPhone and Android devices.

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Source: Oticon