Signia Active X in “earbud” form factor to combat stigma factor


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Signia has announced the general availability of its Signia Active X hearing aid, featuring the brand’s innovative Dynamic Soundscape Processing, plus a stigma-busting earbud shape.

Signia Active X in “earbud” form factor to combat stigma factor

The new hearing aids from Signia are available in two models: Signia Active and Signia Active Pro. Signia Active is a starter option, designed for occasional use by those in need of a hearing edge in noisy situations, while Signia Active Pro is for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Both models are available in the color combinations of White and Rose Gold, Black and Silver, or All-Black.

Signia Active also features a lithium-ion rechargeable battery; a convenient, portable charging case; Qi charging technology; and Bluetooth connectivity for easy-streaming. Furthermore, its ClickSleeves 2.0 technology enables a quick fit while ensuring the hearing aids remain firmly and comfortably in place.

Signia Active addresses the challenges of a complete range of sound situations through Signia Xperience technology and its innovative Dynamic Soundscape Processing, which delivers enhanced sound and speech clarity in every situation, even when moving.

“Signia has established a reputation for developing breakthrough products that deliver best-in-class performance yet also tap into new, unaddressed patient markets,” stated Signia President Mike O’Neil. “Signia Active is yet another example of a market-expanding product from Signia, and we look forward to working with our hearing care professional partners to grow their businesses through our pioneering hearing devices.”

One big talking point about the Active X is its earbud form factor which, says Dr. Tish Ramirez, Vice President of Professional Relations and Product Management, meets the need of consumers who “want hearing aids that are disguised as earbuds – that improve their hearing without the stigma. Signia Active delivers on this need by providing users with a device that looks as good as it performs.”

Source: Signia