Phonak crosses the room with its launch of Roger Focus II



Phonak has extended the reach of its technology for child hearing with the release of the second generation of Roger Focus, which uses a tiny ear-level receiver that couples with any Roger microphone to bring sound from teachers or parents to children at a distance.

Phonak crosses the room with its launch of Roger Focus II

Ideal for the classroom and understanding speech in noise, Roger Focus II particularly targets children with unilateral hearing loss, autism spectrum disorder, and auditory process disorder. The device is intended for children over three-years-old, and is now available to order in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

“Roger Focus II was developed to help children overcome the challenges of hearing over distance and in background noise so that they can focus on what matters,” said Angela Pelosi, Director of Global Audiology at Phonak. “As a leading innovator of world-class pediatric hearing solutions, it’s critically important that we provide children with unilateral or functional hearing loss the confidence that they can fully participate in everyday activities—and the Roger Focus II does just that.”

The receiver is available in a new lithium-ion rechargeable option or a traditional zinc-air battery featuring a tamperproof battery door. It received an IP68-rating for water and dust resistance and has new coupling options to fit even smaller ears than its predecessor. The rechargeable version comes in ten assorted colors and offers up to 20 hours of battery life on a full charge.

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Source: Phonak