Severe and profound loss patients can enter Paradise thanks to Phonak Naída launch


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Phonak has announced Naída Paradise, a power hearing aid for people with severe to profound hearing loss, bringing essential wireless connectivity within a tiny casing.

Severe and profound loss patients can enter Paradise thanks to Phonak Naída launch

Naída Paradise boasts a powerful double receiver that delivers up to 141 dB of peak gain in the UP model and up to 130 dB in the rechargeable model. It is powered by the new PRISM™ sound processing chip and features AutoSense OS™ 4.0 for a host of premium features that work together seamlessly. For example, the hearing aids can automatically enhance soft speech in quiet places or reduce noise in loud environments. A built-in accelerometer detects movement and automatically steers the microphones to improve listening on-the-go.

Through Phonak universal connectivity, wearers can wirelessly stream audio directly into both hearing aids from virtually any smartphone, TV, laptop, tablet, eBook and more. Phonak claims that Paradise is the only technology in the marketplace that allows two active Bluetooth connections at the same time, so wearers can stay connected to their smartphone and their video chat without having to manually switch back and forth.

In addition to universal Bluetooth connectivity, Naída Paradise hearing aids are also equipped with RogerDirect. This means wearers can also receive the Roger remote microphone signal with no additional accessory required. Launched in 2013, Phonak’s Roger technology boosts hearing performance in loud noise and over distance.

“Naída has a long-lasting history of delivering power without sacrificing sound quality, so we knew that we needed to deliver an outstanding product to our wearers who depend so heavily on their devices,” said Jon Billings, Vice-President Phonak Marketing in the UK. “With Naída Paradise, we’re making history again by giving those with severe forms of hearing loss access to next-level, powerful sound with industry-leading connectivity.”

The new Phonak Naída Paradise will be available to order by licensed hearing care professionals in select markets beginning from Monday February 22 with the first orders being shipped from Friday 26th February 2021. For more information for consumers click here and for professionals, here.

Source: Phonak