Philips HearLink aids given artificial intelligence boost


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Philips HearLink hearing aids—made by audiology tech giant Demant and sold through the trusted Philips name and channels—are now enhanced by AI capabilities that increase clarity of speech and conversations.

Philips HearLink aids given artificial intelligence boost

Demant, the brand licenses of Philips, has upgraded the HearLink devices it makes for the latter by integrating artificial intelligence sound technology that learns from tiral and error and already has the in-built data to help it adapt to a plurality of everyday situations, in particular those involving noisy surroundings. Being able to work around the fixed rules of digital, says Demant, is ˝a momentous leap in hearing aid technology˝.

Connectivity is another big plus underlined in the Danish manufacturer’s update announcement: Dual-core 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy technology means a direct link can be set up to to iPhones and Android smartphones to stream phone calls, video chat audio and music, with connection also possible to TVs, and other smart devices.

“AI sound technology is now responsible for the main function performed in the Philips HearLink hearing aids to make speech clear, including in noise. So, even when listening is normally difficult, such as on the noisy playground or a at busy café, you can enjoy the pleasure of easy conversation,” said Søren Skjærbæk, Vice President, Philips Hearing Solutions at Demant, brand licensee of Philips.

“It is essential for your well-being and overall happiness to stay socially active, to connect with your loved ones and to be able to thrive in the workplace,” continued Skjærbæk. ˝Having a truly advanced hearing aid helping you to engage and be involved, supports you to do all of these things. You can now enjoy a seamless hearing experience wherever you are and whatever you are listening to.”

The new Philips hearing aids will be made available from mid-December. Local availability will vary. Audiologists should check their local Philips Hearing Solutions website or their local Philips Hearing Solutions contact. For more details, click here.

Source: Demant