Remote B2C in-ear product portal launched by Lantos



Lantos Technologies, the US firm behind the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System, has launched a new e-commerce portal enabling consumers to comfortably browse and buy custom-fit hearing products from manufacturers such as Microsonic, Sennheiser and TETRA: Storefront.

Remote B2C in-ear product portal launched by Lantos

Available to hearing health practices in the Lantos Provider Network, Storefront allows participating providers to tailor the look of their Storefront interface with their own brand colours and logos. Products currently available cover sleep assistance, personal audio, professional audio, work safety, recreation and sport safety, and hunting and outdoor.

Once a practice is enrolled in Storefront, its patients are invited to create an account after their ears are scanned with the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System. The scans are uploaded to the Lantos Cloud. Patients can then easily set up their account, browse products, and purchase items that will be tailor-made to their unique ear geometry.

“Consumers are actively seeking a wide variety of custom-fit hearing devices. Storefront powered by Lantos enables consumers to search for options at the place and time of their choosing and then order in-ear products that will be made just for their ears,” said Elizabeth Thompson, Vice President of Innovation for Lantos. “For independent hearing health practice owners, Storefront unlocks the potential for new and recurring revenue streams with no additional administrative effort—and without the need for additional face-to-face office visits.”

The Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System uses a proprietary membrane-based contact scanning method to consistently and safely capture more than one million data points per ear, down to within millimeters of the eardrum. In approximately 60 seconds of scan time, the Lantos System produces a 3D digital image file of the ear’s geometry that can be used to make unlimited custom-fit hearing products.

Source: Lantos