Signia Telecare: remote programming; close counselling.



Signia TeleCare is an end-to-end, comprehensive remote care solution that allows professionals to adapt existing processes to dispense, fit, and service hearing aids virtually. Professionals need a desktop/laptop computer plus a headset and a webcam; the customer needs a smartphone with the free Signia app downloaded onto it.

Signia Telecare: remote programming; close counselling.

Signia has two TeleCare methods: TeleCare 2.0 for fine-tuning clients’ hearing aids through the TeleCare online portal, good for all Signia instruments from the primax platform onwards; setting changes are made online and are sent to the clients’ app where they download the changes to the hearing instruments. TeleCare 3.0: This provides virtual appointments through Connexx software, for use only with Signia Bluetooth Instruments.

The benefits, says Signia, include: close virtual audiologist-user contact through care chat (text messages) and phone/video calls for live communication; full remote fine-tuning of Bluetooth hearing aids and partial fine-tuning of non-Bluetooth hearing aids; increased client satisfaction, by allowing them to access your services during this period of isolation and social distancing; and a safe environment for both yourself and your clients.

“Signia Telecare takes the convenience of remote programming and applies it to both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth enabled hearing aids, also combined with a counseling tool to help improve client satisfaction and acceptance as well as creating closer contact between the client and the Hearing Care Professional.”” said Erik Harry Høydal MSc, Senior Audiology Expert, WS Audiology.

Source: Signia