GN launches include ReSound ENZO Q - faster, clearer, and tested at sea!



GN Hearing has new product additions to talk about, including the "beyond powerful" ReSound ENZO Q hearing aid for severe-to-profound hearing loss, recently worn over 49 days at sea by Mo O'Brien as she became the first deaf person to row the Atlantic.

GN launches include ReSound ENZO Q – faster, clearer, and tested at sea!

GN claims across-the-board improvements for this hearing aid on its predecessor, the ReSound ENZO 3D, including a 100% speed increase, 30% more computing power, 20% less power consumption and 100% more memory. Users, says GN, can "enjoy a 60% average improvement in hearing speech in front of them in noisy environments", with "better high frequency sounds, speech intelligibility and all-round listening, and just-right volume and noise reduction".

The device was trusted by rower Mo O'Brien as she and her all-female team of three successfully took on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, rowing from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. And Mo claims that ENZO Q helped her get through "the world's toughest row" For more details click here.

Boosting its range of hearing solutions, the Danish company is also launching new additions to ReSound LiNX Quattro, which will include three new BTE hearing aids and a mini RIE model, aimed at people with mild-to-severe hearing loss.

 The GN customer care experience gets a lift too, through ReSound Assist Live, boosting connectivity through this launch with telecoil and Direct Audio Input (DAI) options, plus direct streaming from compatible iOS and Android devices. This enables connection to announcements in public places, such as museums and sports grounds via telecoil. Streaming of phone calls, music or any other audio is made easy directly from smartphones and tablets to ReSound hearing aids using Bluetooth, Low Energy.

The full product portfolio is globally available by the end of February, and it is equally available for Beltone AmazeTM and Beltone Boost UltraTM.

Source: GN Hearing