Dreve's latest product highlights

On the 61st International Congress for Hearing Aid Acousticians in Hanover, Dreve has shown its latest product highlights.

Dreve’s latest product highlights

RIC unifit

RIC unifit is Dreve’s new universal earmold for different RIC hearing aid systems. According to the Dreve press release it provides the flexibility an acoustician needs for fitting hearing aid systems. The selection of the right hearing system is key to ensure customers’ best possible hearing experience and a certain scope for the fitting is vital. RIC unifit can be used for many RIC systems available on the market and can be adjusted easily.

Universally unique

  • High wearing comfort
  • Flexible system
  • Easily adjustable
  • Available in FotoTec®, VarioTherm® and Biopor AB® – with or without lock


As a further step in automation and digitization of the earmold manufacturing process chain, Dreve has announced that the website SmartOrder launched in 2015 offers now extended features.

New Features

  • Detailed tracking of the earmold manufacturing status: Track &Trace with dpd
  • Copy option of existing orders for accelerated ordering process
  • Earmold preview (3D and zoom)
  • Online catalogue to browse
  • Language options: German, English, French


  • Intelligent order guidance
  • Links to software tools of the hearing aid business like e. g. Asego, Amparex and AkuWin
  • Save time: Fast and easy ordering

For more information, visit the Dreve website.