Participate in a EUHA Congress survey




The organisers of the EUHA Congress in Germany - the world’s biggest audiology event - are running a survey to gather opinions on how to boost the event, and results that can be implemented quickly will be put into practice at this year’s October gathering in Nuremberg.

Tobias Bartels, Managing Director of the European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA), explained: “Our aim is to tailor the event even better to the needs of participants. Event formats have evolved in recent years. We wish to bring new impulses to the event, and turn everyone into a fan.”

Answers given in the survey will remain anonymous. If they wish, participants can take part in a draw for ten Amazon vouchers worth 30 euros each. Click here to participate.

Clock running down on deadlines for stands at the EUHA exhibition 2023

If you are considering a stand or other space in the hearing industry exhibition of the 2023 EUHA Congress, how long do you have until booking closes?

The final few weeks in which you can order a stand or additional space at EUHA this October 18 to 20 have now begun. The deadline for standing out at the international industrial exhibition is June 19. For the English-language booking page, click click here.

Taking place in Nuremberg for the first time since 2019, this 67th International Hearing Aid Congress and Industry Exhibition (EUHA) will aim to add to the stats for visitors in 2022, when the Congress was held in Hanover: people from 97 countries attended the event and 120 companies presented their products and services.

Hall planning for 2023 is already in full swing. More than 100 companies are already participating. The clock is ticking.