Trend of return to growth for hearing instrument sales confirmed Europe-wide




The European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA) has announced figures that show a return to pre-pandemic growth figures for the industry’s sales across Europe.

In 2021, a total of 18.79 million hearing aids were sold across this territory that houses the bulk of big hearing aid producers worldwide. Compared to the previous year, that represents a full 33 percent increase, marking a return to the growth path seen before 2020.

“Last year’s growth shows the undiminished demand for high quality hearing solutions. Even when close contact in audiology shops was temporarily limited, due to the pandemic, product innovation continued and the dedication of all employees working for the EHIMA companies remained exceptionally high," says EHIMA President Eric Bernard (pictured above).

“Together with our committed customers, the hearing care professionals and audiologists, we were able to successfully manage the impact of the pandemic on the industry” Bernard continued.


Meanwhile, 2022 EuroTrak figures have been released for some of the UK’s neighbouring countries: France, the Netherlands, and Germany. These 2022 surveys, including a list of the most recent marketing tracking surveys worldwide (including the 2018 UK figures) is available here.

This multi-national survey series of people living with hearing loss shows an increased awareness of the benefits of timely hearing care in various countries. In the European Union alone, around 22.6 million people live with untreated, disabling hearing loss, leading to annual costs of 185 billion Euros.

Source: EHIMA