AAA Conference 2022 + HearTech Expo opens Wednesday March 30 - pick up your special Conference print issue of Audiology Worldnews



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This conference special magazine is a complement to the educational and networking days that begin Wednesday March 30 in St. Louis, a printed portable reference to some of the issues in hearing care today. Congratulations to the AAA on holding its 2022 conference as a physical gathering. Welcome back!

Add the voice of Audiology Worldnews to those in so many spheres rejoicing at the return of person-to-person gatherings in audiology.

Take our print issue around as you walk and talk, use it to illustrate reflections, underline arguments, and spark conversations.

We hear from the Conference Program Chair, Dr. Wafaa Kaf on how the educational offer at St. Louis was put together.

Other content includes coverage of current market optimism, something we hope you find echoed in the HearTech Expo.

Two forward-looking compendiums scan expert observations on hearing technology, as well as a range of futures for audiology in 2031.

We look at an aspect of corporate giving in an interview with Sonova’s Hear the World Foundation.

And as a supplement to the vast knowledge intake delegates can experience at the conference, this issue offers practical advice on verifying hearing aid fittings, and an outline of the genetics of hearing loss.

Look for your free copy on display as you enter the AAA Conference in St. Louis.

Source: AWN