ReSound One technology now available in Portugal



© AudiçãoActiva

The Portuguese company, AudiçãoActiva, has recently launched the new Resound One in its store network.

Resound ONE, the latest model from the Danish manufacturer GN Hearing, revolutionises the world of hearing aids. It is the first hearing aid to integrate the technology, M&RIE, a brilliant innovation that combines microphone and receiver inside the ear providing a natural and comfortable hearing experience. The new ReSound One hearing aid improves speech understanding, and directionality in complex situations of sound and noise.

Founded in 2014, AudiçãoActiva, is one of the largest hearing aid retailers in Portugal, numbering 40 points of sale in mainland Portugal and Madeira. This launch aims at responding even better to AudiçãoActiva´s customers´ needs, with the latest technology available on the market.

© GN Hearing        Resound ONE hearing aid


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