EUHA 2021 in stats and photos




65th International EUHA Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians. September 15 to 17. Hanover. 5,200 delegates (65% of 2019 attendance) from 60 countries. 20 expert lectures. 4 tutorials. 4 Future Friday lectures. 87 exhibitors from 16 countries.

Justifiably declared a success by its organisers, who until the last minute were on tenterhooks about the event actually taking place, this 2021 EUHA event was the first conference to take place at the vast Hanover Messe centre since the Covid lockdown in Germany. Understandably, overcoming fears and meeting safety demands meant conditions were strict, but the organisers kept it friendly and discreet. Over 5,000 masked—and vaccinated or 24-hour tested—delegates managed to mingle in a mood as near normal as possible, and without any reported critical public health consequences.

Social Media

For the first time, the Congress was covered and its details shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The community was very active and used all channels to draw attention to the many facets of the Congress.

© PW AWN    Hygiene and Covid safety measures were paramount at EUHA 2021

© PW AWN     In her inauguration speech, EUHA President Beate Gromke said: "Albert Einstein once said: 'In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity'. We have taken advantage of such opportunity and organised the EUHA Congress as a face- to-face event. Benefit from the opportunities to learn new things, to have a close look at new technology, and discuss the new parameters."

© PW AWN     This first event to be held at the Hanover Messe since lockdowns in Germany was spirited away deep within the vast, 58,000 m2, almost completely inactive complex of exhibition halls, its streets and car parks empty, its doors closed, weeds growing out of its concrete, an occasional worker outside the unused buildings twiddling his thumbs. It was and always will be the loneliest EUHA conference.

© PW AWN     Ghostly even by day, the abandoned parking areas at the Hanover Messe complex that prior to the pandemic would have been filled with visitors' vehicles.

© Audio Infos Germany     At the opening ceremony, Jürgen Matthies gave a moving tribute to the former EUHA President Martin Blecker, who died on July 1, 2021. Later, Matthies was awarded the EUHA Golden Badge of Honor for his own services.

© PW AWN     Danish cellist Ida Riegels was omnipresent on day 1 of EUHA, both as an ambassador for Widex and as a musical vignette accompanying the event's organisers.

© PW AWN     Starkey supremo Brandon Sawalich was one of the few US visitors to the event, spotted here on his company's stand at midday on September 15.

© PW AWN     A face-to-face EUHA Congress get-together proved a vibrant opportunity for quality networking.

© PW AWN     The Dreve team arrives on day one, all in matching red sports shoes.

© PW AWN     Customised footwear was a thing at EUHA 2021, Signia's team members sporting white tennis shoes with a red logo and brand name.

© PW AWN     Famous German rally driver Walter Röhrl spent a day at the Signia stand. He is pictured here telling journalists about his hearing loss.

© PW AWN     A team from Parresia, the publishers of Audio Infos and Audiology Worldnews, was present throughout at a well-visited stand.

© PW AWN     This year's EUHA exhibition did not lack the obligatory equipment try-out opportunities.

© PW AWN     Phonak's hi-tech stand was buzzing with activity throughout the hearing industry exhibition.

© PW AWN     Despite the pandemic hangover, stands were as spectacular and inviting as ever at this year's EUHA Congress.

© PW AWN     Unitron went for an eye-catching on-the-move camper feel for its EUHA 2021 stand

© PW AWN     MED-EL cochlear implant technology was at the heart of things on this Austrian manufacturer's stand.

© PW AWN     Imagery on exhibition stands was as engaging as ever, as at this Widex stand. And intense face-to-face conversations had definitely been missed.

© PW AWN     EUHA President Beate Gromke, accompanied by Stefan Zimmer (right), chairman of the German Hearing Aid Industry Association (BVHI), making sure everyone gets a fair share of the cake.

© PW AWN      EUHA's organisers have confirmed that the 2022 event will also be held in Hanover, from October 12 to 14.


Source: EUHA