UK and Ireland audiologists face delay on Starkey's new Evolv AI



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Short term supply chain glitches currently affecting manufacturers worldwide have slowed down the UK and Ireland introduction of Starkey's new Evolve AI. Customers have been told to expect arrival at the "start of 2022".

"Covid continues to impact the countries where our components are manufactured. We expect these to be short term but launching a new product line and generating a spike in demand could cause disruption to our customers and patients which we want to avoid," said our Starkey source.

"This slightly later introduction of Evolv AI allows us to navigate through current short-term supply chain limitations and ensure that the full portfolio is available to you and your patients," the company has told its customers.

Evolv AI was announced on August 31 as the "second generation" of the firm's vision, a "new era". "Effortless" is the watchword of Starkey's marketing pitch for a very complete portfolio of hearing aids using artificial intelligence and embracing the latest innovations in healthable functions.

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Source: Starkey