Industry’s remote control in 2021 illustrated by Starkey’s two-day Livio Edge AI event



© Starkey Dr Archelle Georgiou, Starkey Chief Health Officer.

Hearing giant Starkey was fast off the blocks to stage live events remotely in 2020, and its UK community will benefit from an early online two-day #GainTheEdge show this January 14 and 15.

The Starkey virtual event underlines the remote format the industry has been forced by Covid to adopt for all gatherings. Get used to it! For this early 2021 show, you can register by clicking here. It will feature live presentations and guest speakers in a thorough exploration of the producer’s Livio Edge AI hearing aid.

Company CEO Brandon Sawalich will introduce the event, followed by a welcoming address by new UK and Ireland Managing Director, Tim Clark. At 10:00 a packed first day begins a programme featuring speakers, Senior Audiologist a and Hearing Therapist Sue Falkingham; Helen Whipday, Training & Education;  Technical Director Paul Lamb; and (pictured) Dr. Archelle Georgiou, Starkey Chief Health Officer.

A second day of presentations brings back Sue Falkingham and Paul Lamb for more in-depth advice on maximising Starkey’s healthable hearing tech and its Thrive app.

Source: Starkey