Reasons for optimism in 2021 – what audiology leaders foresee


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© Audrey Zeller/Audio Infos

Reasons for optimism in audiology over the new year ahead range from growing patient control of their devices to more individualised attention and increased collaboration between the players in hearing healthcare.

In 2020, telehealth technology has been adopted by professionals as a truly viable means for communicating with users and treating patients. Not surprisingly, this aspect remote care is underlined strongly by a representative selection of voices from Aabo, Gitte of GN to Zimmer, Stefan of EHIMA, offering reflections on the bright gaps for the audiology community between the inevitable clouds of 2021. Featured in the December issue of Audio Infos UK, you can read these opinions from the British Academy of Audiology, Phonak, Starkey, Demant, WS Audiology, BIHIMA, EHIMA, and GN Hearing right here.