EuroTrak hearing loss market survey to add data from Spain


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For the first time, the multi-country hearing loss survey, EuroTrak, is to include data from one of the major markets so far absent from this vital information haul: Spain.

Based on the equivalent, long-running US survey, MarkeTrak, the comparative EuroTrak survey on hearing loss and hearing aid use will shortly include data from Spain, with delivery and gathering carried out through the Spanish Audiology Association, (ANA). The results of the first Spanish survey will be unveiled at a special ANA event in April, 2020.

The prime mover behind organising the addition of Spanish figures to those gathered since 2009 in countries including France, Germany, and the UK, is Raúl García-Medina, a UK-based audiologist who was recently elected to the post of Vice-President of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA). "It all came together quite by chance," said García-Medina.

"At the UK conference where the EuroTrak 2018 data was released, I was chatting to Dr. Stefan Zimmer (General Secretary of EHIMA) and, discussing why Spain had not appeared in the studies, we decided to get cracking. I got in touch with Jordi Serra, President of ANA, and the rest is history," continued García-Medina.

Among the key data that EuroTrak offers the audiology community is:

  • Better understanding of how consumers use hearing aids.
  • Consumer satisfaction levels with the effectiveness of technology and providers.
  • Consumer perception of benefits and quality of life brought by hearing aids and hearing services.
  • Barriers and enabling factors associated with hearing aid adoption.

The EuroTrak questionnaire was designed to be compatible with the USA's MarkeTrak, thus ensuring comparisons between continents," explained García-Medina.

An online survey is used and this can be sent to the EuroTrak panel members. The samples have been balanced, based on census information of age, sex, and region.

Source: Audio en Portada