Can the audiology business future be predicted from market survey data?



© Raúl García-Medina

Market surveys such as EuroTrak and the long-running MarkeTrak offer up plenty of data, but does it really provide any clues to the future of the audiology business? Raúl García-Medina, new VP of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA), says the data is invaluable but prediction calls for all the tools of the digital revolution.

"Divining the future would be difficult in this rapidly changing environment, but learning from the trends and performing gap analysis may lead to new directions of work," claims García-Medina this January in a three-page article in the UK audiology magazine Audio Infos (#132).

The figure responsible for bringing EuroTrak to Spain, the new BSHAA VP is the founder and clinical director of The Audiology Clinic, a private independent clinic established in 2014 and operating in London and Chelmsford, UK. Detailing the most important detailed raw data provided by the key market surveys in audiology, he underlines the need for analysis of information to be mastered in order to keep pace with changes in the audiology environment. You can read the complete article here.

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Source: Audio Infos