BREXIT: what UK audiology has to say



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The big players in the UK audiology market and profession have finally broken a long, uncomfortable silence on the confusing and—for some—alarming subject of Britain's exit from the European Union.

A six-page feature in the July/August UK edition of Audio Infos gave audiology manufacturers and associations a platform to voice their opinions on Brexit. They respond in force, most in foreseeably cautious language, expressing a range of positions spanning stoical preparedness for possible opportunities, to fear and concern about trade barriers, supply chain interruptions, and long-term effects on research and hearing health.

UK hearing scene and industry expert Geoffrey Cooling ( offers a frank interpretation of the thinking behind the statements, revealing the "uncertainty and horror" he detects among manufacturers, suggesting this "might be the first time the world ever witnessed a whole country shoot itself in the face".

As a focus of interest to readers around the globe, Audiology Worldnews links to the entire article here.

Source: Audio Infos UK