iHear launches pay-as-you-go aids on subscription with online tweaking and support


iHEARmax, one of the products by iHear. Photo: iHear.

Hearing aids for low, flexible, personalised monthly plans, and programming through mobile apps is the latest formula from the venture-funded San Francisco-based provider, iHear Medical.

As the hearing aid market prepares for the introduction of over-the-counter (OTC) sales, no one should be surprised by launches of apparently new business models, however much they seem cobbled together from existing formulas. One of the firms well set for the OTC revolution, iHear, is already offering devices at knock-down prices, and it has now decided to offer its technology through a subscription system. Monthly payment plans adjusted to users' budgetary realities will, the company says, help save consumers money and provide solutions for some of the more than 30 million US citizens who forego life-changing treatment for their hearing loss.

Labelling the new formula a "patented service model", John Luna, CEO of iHear Medical, says the subscription plan "lowers the entry point and saves consumers money by providing opportunities to subscribe to a combination of devices and services".

iHear's own web-based platform will provide a range of services, including remote professional support, self-programming, and home hearing testing. iHear's current leading products are iHEARhd, iHEARmax and Eva by iHEAR.

In addition to showing it can swim comfortably in OTC waters, the firm is also embracing the coming IoT (internet of things) shift, technology that allows devices such as iHear hearing aids to connect to other smart devices, sharing information and synergising functions.

Source: CISION PR Newswire