Sivantos and Widex merge to become WS Audiology


Sivantos Widex

Swiftly following the merger approval announcement, comes the news of the creation of WS Audiology. This new business with many established brands − Signia, Widex, Rexton, Audio Service, to name a few − will have headquarters in Denmark and Singapore.

WS Audiology becomes one of the top three global players with combined revenues of EUR 1.7 billion, more than 10,000 employees, operating across 125 markets. The merger also sees the two management teams amalgamate. The CEO of Widex, Jørgen Jensen, has been appointed CEO of WS Audiology, with the Sivantos CEO, Ignacio Martinez joining the Board of Directors. Chairman of the Board will be Thomas Ebeling, who had this role with Sivantos and Jan Tøpholm, Chairman of Widex A/S, is now Deputy Chairman of WS Audiology.

“Today marks the beginning of a great new journey. Two pioneers joining forces with one clear ambition: to expand access to hearing aids and care to serve the millions of people with hearing needs across the world. This merger gives WS Audiology the scale and innovation capabilities to deliver on this goal. We are setting out to excel with best-in-class products and accelerate our shared growth across all our brands. The future holds great opportunities and together, as one team, we will be able to seize the momentum we have gained,” said Jørgen Jensen, CEO of WS Audiology.

“Both Widex and Sivantos have been at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Together, WS Audiology has abundant resources to create excellent products and further accelerate innovation with creative, high-tech and easy-to-use products and services, broadening the choice for hearing aid users,” said Thomas Ebeling, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WS Audiology.

“As WS Audiology takes shape today, we are one big step closer to becoming the clear innovation leader, developing the best possible hearing aids to improve the life of those with hearing needs. We are united by our proud heritage, our long history as ‘first movers’, and our insatiable curiosity that drives our innovation and technology,” said Jan Tøpholm, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of WS Audiology.

The new Company has ambitious growth plans and will look to strengthen its market penetration and enhance efficiencies to enable additional investments in R&D and the supply chain.

Source: Widex and Sivantos