Med-El joining EHIMA – is Cochlear Ltd. next?



With Med-El joining EHIMA as of January 1, 2019 it makes sense to ask whether Australian Cochlear Ltd., will also seek membership.

Audio Infos Germany asked the company for more information and received the following answer from the head office in Sydney: “It’s good news that EHIMA plans to also include manufacturers of cochlear implants in its future activities and aims to develop the necessary competencies in the coming years. We already have a good, long-standing working relationship with EHIMA and we will further support its activities to increase public awareness of the importance of hearing loss and its rehabilitation for healthcare. We invest in research, development, and clinical partnerships worldwide in some 100 countries and throughout Europe, and we support various scientific and industrial federations. We therefore expect to hold further discussions with EHIMA about membership. We already produce bone-anchored hearing aids in Sweden, all other designs like before in our long history in Australia. In view of EHIMA’s requirements for membership, we are considering our future investment decisions and national and regional representations.”

Source: Audio Infos Germany