Innerscope and Erchonia partner up


InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. (headquartered in California) and Erchonia Corporation (headquartered in Florida) recently announced that they have entered into joint development and exclusive distribution agreements and intend to seek FDA clearance for clinical studies.

One planned clinical study will aim to assess the effect of Erchonia’s low-level laser therapy (3LT) technology for the relief of tinnitus symptoms, reports Globe NewsWire. Under the agreements, the FDA clearance will concern devices, technologies, methods and techniques used in the treatment of hearing-related conditions and disorders, including tinnitus, sensorineural hearing loss, central auditory processing disorders, dizziness, vertigo, balance disorders, and Meniere’s Disease.

The companies reported that they have obtained Institutional Review Board (Ethics) approval for the initial clinical trial of the effect of Erchonia’s laser therapy technology on tinnitus symptoms. The approved study site will be InnerScope’s Value Audiology and Hearing Aid Center in Walnut Creek, California.

“Erchonia is the world leader furthering research and development of its Low-Level Laser Technology for multiple medical laser applications,” Steve Shanks, President of Erchonia Corporation, said in a news release. “I would like to thank Mark Moore, InnerScope’s Chairman, for contacting us a few years back introducing Erchonia to new medical applications using Erchonia’s 3LT Technology for treating hearing disorders.”

Matthew Moore, CEO of InnerScope Hearing Technologies added that: “We are confident in a successful clinical outcome using Erchonia’s 3LT technology to treat hearing disorders.”

Source: Globe NewsWire