uSound hearing test phone app at Samsung Developer Conference



The uSound story began in 2013 when four students from the semi-desertic Argentinian province of Jujuy approached consumer giant Samsung for help with an app for a hearing test. That first app also has an amplification feature that picks up sound and adjusts the input to users' test results, and it has since notched up 300k downloads.

Thanks in part to the technology placed at their disposal by Samsung, the group has grown and prepared a second app just for hearing testing, one they took to the two-day Samsung Developer Conference, held on November 7 and 8 in San Francisco's Moscone Center.

It functions by using a mobile phone and headphones to carry out a two-minute hearing test in a silent space, one ear at a time. Latest audiometry results can be fed into the app to boost its precision. The uSound app uses a freemium price strategy (free initial download and use for 14 tests, then pay to continue using).

Now the development team numbers 16 and is a growing business. It was represented at SDC 2018 by Director of Strategy, Gonzalo Simons, and specialist sound engineer, Juan San Martín.

"Coming to San Francisco amidst all this technology is a key move for us. Two days is enough for everyone to come and see us, and we can even make contact with new partners who can boost uSound in other continents," said Simons.

The uSound office, however, played down the idea that the app will now compete with the work of professional audiologists in carrying out hearing tests.

"Although this is a high-precision hearing test and the result of years of research and trials, we are still not ready to say that it can replace traditional audiometry," uSound points out. ”

Source: Clarín