New type of hearing test app from Germany


Mimi hearing test
IPhone captions of the new app. © Mimi Hearing Technologies

Berlin-based company Mimi Hearing Technologies has developed a new type of hearing app to test the extent to which the user is not hearing 100%, reports Forbes magazine.

The Media & Entertainment column recently ran an article about this forward-thinking company. Mimi has developed an algorithm that models healthy human hearing. Its hearing test app can be used to take a test that identifies the extent to which the person isn’t at 100%. This is a different approach to many hearing apps, which aim to identify clinical hearing loss.

Importantly, Mimi is then able to compensate for the difference in hearing found by the app, bringing the person’s hearing ability back up to 100%. The company calls this process sound personalization. The company has launched a project called Ears together with German hearable manufacturer Bragi, which focuses on personalized sound amplification. The software they have developed is already integrated into audio products and can synchronize with platforms like Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify.

Mimi’s hearing test app works in a similar way to a conventional audiology appointment. At the beginning of the test, the app plays a variety of tones across different frequencies. The user is asked to lift their finger from the button when they hear the sound. The test then provides results showing the user their hearing ability in each ear, across different frequencies.

Company CEO Philipp Skribanowitz explains how Mimi is different: “We are not only about helping people with hearing loss compensate for it, but also trying to prevent hearing loss in the first place. Our technology helps you listen at a lower volume, which can prevent further damage to your hearing. This is a part of promoting healthy hearing.”

Source: Forbes