Charity welcomes decision to save hearing aid provision


*Action on Hearing Loss UK
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Action on Hearing Loss has praised Enfield CCG’s decision not to cut hearing aid provision following its public consultation on health service proposals.

Following a three-month consultation period, which included close engagement with the charity as well as patients, members of the public, providers and other stakeholders, the CCG Board revealed on 20th September 2017 that it has decided not to cut hearing aids for people with mild hearing loss. It has also abandoned proposals to limit provision for those with moderate hearing loss. The charity was consulted directly by the CCG on its proposals and used the opportunity to highlight both the benefits of hearing aids and ways the CCG can save money by improving how these services are commissioned.

Dr. Roger Wicks, Director of Policy and Campaigns at Action on Hearing Loss, said: “We’re delighted that Enfield CCG has decided not to move forward with its original proposals to restrict the provision of hearing aids. The CCG Board has positively engaged with us and this decision demonstrates that they have listened to both public opinion and the robust evidence of the clinical effectiveness of hearing aids. “Hearing aids are a lifeline to many, enabling people with hearing loss to remain in work and remain engaged in their social lives. While we know that health commissioners across the country need to urgently make savings, we’re pleased to see Enfield CCG welcoming alternative measures to cuts. Will we continue to work with the CCG to advise them on shaping audiology services that continue to support all who need them, in a cost-effective manner.”

Dr Jahan Mahmoodi, Medical Director for Enfield CCG, said, “The input from Action of Hearing Loss helped us to shape a better solution that will improve outcomes for patients with hearing loss and ensure that they get the full benefits of NHS funded equipment that is provided to them.”

Source: Action on Hearing Loss