ZPower® announces collaboration with Oticon


ZPower Oticon Opn
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ZPower has announced on June 22 its collaboration with Oticon, manufacturer of the award-winning Internet-connected and now rechargeable hearing aid Oticon Opn™.

Until recently, rechargeable hearing aids were limited to using lower energy density nickel–metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, which frequently deliver less than a full day of power. This battery chemistry’s limited performance resulted in a low level of market acceptance. According to the press release ZPower is changing this with its innovative silver-zinc rechargeable battery technology that delivers a full day of power on a single charge.

ZPower batteries offer hearing aid wearers the confidence of all-day power—with streaming—and the flexibility to interchange ZPower batteries with zinc-air disposable batteries. Additionally, ZPower batteries are safe, non-flammable and recyclable; no other rechargeable battery on the market today can provide this combination of features and benefits.

“We are proud that Oticon chose ZPower’s rechargeable battery technology for its first rechargeable hearing aid,” said Sara Sable-Antry, VP of Sales and Marketing for ZPower. “It has been our mission to use ZPower’s innovative silver-zinc battery technology to improve the quality of life of hearing aid wearers, and now, with the launch of the rechargeable Oticon Opn, more patients will benefit from the convenience of reliable, rechargeable hearing aids.”

“Oticon Opn internet-connected hearing aids have unlocked an entirely new experience for wearers who want the power of the internet while hearing better in their daily lives,” said Janne Jakobsen, Sr. Director, Oticon Sales & Marketing. “And now, with the help of ZPower, our new rechargeable solution extends that experience by providing an added degree of confidence that hearing aid wearers deserve.”

Source: ZPower