Sound Options Tinnitus Treatment approved by FDA


Torryn Brazell

Sound Options, a company based in Ontario, Canada, announced in late November that it has received US FDA clearance for its tinnitus treatments based on sound therapy.

The FDA approval will now enable Sound Options to work with hearing clinics in the United States to provide sound therapies for patients with tinnitus. The Sound Options treatment is tailored to the individual clinical profile of treated patients, based on their unique hearing and tinnitus characteristics. This makes it possible to treat the condition despite its variable forms that change from patient to patient.

“It is very exciting to be able to provide our clinically-validated sound therapy to tinnitus sufferers in America,” says Sound Options CEO Michael Chrostowski, PhD. “We look forward to working with hearing healthcare professionals to provide an effective and affordable tinnitus management strategy.” The company claims that this treatment option is more affordable than many other management modalities for tinnitus because of its ease of use.

The treatment involves an initial individual assessment of a person’s hearing and tinnitus profile that is then used to customize music for the specific person’s condition. Patients are then rapidly provided with tailored music melodies designed to reduce their tinnitus. The melodies can be played on regular music playing devices. The treatment aims to reduce the brain’s overactivity that underlies individual tinnitus symptoms.

Source: Business Wire; Sound Options