Starkey Hearing partnering with Bragi in hearable and wearable technology


Chris McCormick, Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer at Starkey Hearing made the announcement at the Hearing Innovation Expo that took place from January 20-24, in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to Nasdaq GlobeNewswire.

“As hearing pioneers and tech design innovators, Starkey is thrilled to be working with Bragi to revolutionize the hearing aid industry and bring new technology and consumers to our hearing professionals,” McCormick said.

“Starkey and Bragi have a shared vision that hearing aids and hearables can empower people to communicate and enhance their abilities,” said Bragi founder, Nicolaj Hviid. “The partnership between the two companies creates immense value for our respective customers. Bragi’s advanced integration of sensorics provides tremendous value to hearing aid consumers, while Starkey’s invaluable knowledge of advanced audio processing and psychoacoustics expands Bragi’s potential to enable people to utilize contextual computing audible interfaces.”

In another announcement, Starkey revealed that Satjiv S. Chahil has joined Starkey Hearing Technologies as a global marketing and innovations advisor. Chahil, a Silicon Valley-based marketing pioneer who has worked for many tech companies is known for helping his clients to introduce disruptive new technologies to the market and drive global communications trends.

“The potential for Starkey and Bragi to transform the way customers enjoy music and entertainment, understand and manage their health, and communicate with the world is inspiring,” Chahil said. “The next generation of wearables and hearables has the potential to become ubiquitous.”

Source: Nasdaq GlobeNewswire; Starkey Hearing Technologies