What to expect at Ci2018?



Ci2018 takes off on Wednesday June 27 and will offer its participants an overview of the field of implants up until closing day Saturday June 30. This 15th edition aims to ‘realize a next step forwards in the field, based on evidence-based experience and fuelled by cutting-edge technologies and the latest scientific developments’, as promised on the website of the event. Prof. Dr. Paul van de Heyning, Conference President of Ci2018, lifts a corner of the veil on the upcoming edition.

Ci2018 is part of the ‘International conferences on Cochlear Implants and other Implantable Auditory Technologies’. The organisation expects to welcome over 2,000 otologists, audiologists and speech pathologists, scientists, educators and industrial partners from 78 countries. There will be a large number of sessions, which will provide an overview of the whole field, “from science to surgery, from guidelines to rehabilitation, from children to auditory cognitive impairment, from auditory brainstem implants to vestibular implants and from cochlear implantation to middle ear implants.”

Innovation talks in historical setting

The brand new international congress centre of Antwerp, FMCCA (Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp), will offer all the (technically equipped) space Ci2018 may need, against the historical backdrop of the city centre. FMCCA is situated in the heart of Antwerp, adjacent to the Central Station. “Very easy to reach, within 50 meters of the central station, in an extraordinary historical background, in the city of diamonds”, is the vivid description of Conference President Prof. Dr. Paul van de Heyning. Antwerp is the second most multicultural city in the world, offering home to 170 nationalities. An inspiring, international and suitable environment for the conference, themed ‘Innovation built on history’.

Moreover, the Flemish city of Antwerp accommodates the Antwerp University Hospital, where Van de Heyning’s work is situated. Van de Heyning is the former scientific chairman of the international HEARRING network, ENT professor at Antwerp University and head of the University ENT department at the Antwerp University Hospital. For Ci2018 he fulfils the role of Conference President.

Conference highlights

Paul Van de Heyning
Dr. Paul van de Heyning, Conference President of Ci2018

Van de Heyning thinks we’re at a turning point regarding personalised medicine. “To get there, much was needed”, the professor explains. “Technology was needed, experience was needed, application was needed. And then you need to prove that results are also better. Those data are now available. Many things have been going on for a long time, but suddenly the moment arrives when everything comes together. The moment that you can take a step forward. We can’t ignore this any longer. Now we are ready.” Prof. van de Heyning expects that at the congress everyone will be on the same level of understanding and personalised medicine will become the new standard. “Not only on an individual level, but in a joint effort, as a reinforcing element to really implement the new practice.”

Attention for special groups of patients

Van de Heyning furthermore mentions the application of brain stem implant (ABI) under CE marking in small children and the latest knowledge about gene therapy in combination with CI as fascinating topics that will be addressed during the event. Additionally, he talks about the attention for special patient groups that were previously excluded. “Like older patients with severe hearing loss, patients with single-sided deafness, patients with residual hearing on the low tones, and children with multiple or mental disabilities.”

The Conference President will be part of the opening ceremony and will deliver one of the keynote speeches on closing day Saturday, June 30. In his lecture he will present an overview of the highlights of the conference and will give insight in the current state of the art on cochleair implants and active middle ear implants.

For more infos on the congress visit ci2018.

Femke Noordink, editor-in-chief of Audio Infos The Netherlands