New things to look forward at the AIHHP Hearing Expo 2017


This year the 2-day conference, exhibition and the 11th Golden Lobe Awards are being held at The Stratford Manor Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon on Friday 10th & Saturday 11th November 2017. As always everyone from all sectors of the audiological community are invited to attend the main conference day and 11th Golden Lobe Awards on Friday 10th November and then the Saturday 11th November is reserved for AIHHP Full Members only.

New for this year is a special session on the Friday afternoon for front of house staff on ‘Customer Experience’ which will be a relaxed, interactive session which will look at how staff can earn their client’s trust and confidence.

This years’ conference will be kicked off by Pete Cohen, one of the world’s leading keynote speakers, who will be “Inspiring your way to Success”. Customer Service Expert, Helen Hamilton will also be on the stage discussing ‘How to Change Someone Else’s Behaviour’ – which will explore core values and how they may affect both our own and other people’s behaviours.

Dr Priya Carling & Dr Lorenzo Picinali also join the strong line up for the Friday of this year’s Hearing Expo – the former to talk about the various tests that can be used in Speech Audiometry and the latter will present the ‘3D Tune-In Project’, which aims at introducing a novel approach using 3D sound, visuals and gamification techniques to support people using hearing aid devices.

Source and picture: AIHHP