ENT World Congress: fundamental research on the inner ear

ENT World Congress

Understanding the molecular mechanisms of the reparation or regeneration of inner ear hair cells and hearing restoration mechanisms. Sunday, June 25, 14h30, room 342b, OT KL 09 Sunday, June 25, 7h, OT COURSE04

Significant advances have been achieved in the field of inner ear therapy with to gene therapy, thanks to which we can use stem cells and target specifi c genes, presented by Heinrich Staecker. Sunday, June 25, 8h30, room 342a, OT KL 07

Drug therapy for inner ear disease and future perspectives: a lecture by J Harris to offer an overview of the topic. A symposium will illustrate a method to select patients with sudden hearing loss for the injection of glucocorticosteroids directly through the eardrum. Sunday, June 25, 14h, room 352b, OT KL10 Tuesday, June 27, 11h, room 341 OT SYMPO05

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By Dr. Elisabeth Mamelle, AP-HP, GH Pitié-Salpétriere, Oto-rhino-laryngology department, Unit of Otology, Auditory Implants and Skull Base Surgery, Paris, France, and member of the SFORL.